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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Almost Ready

I had some free time between finals and I decided to get a head start on writing. I've made substantial progress on the next entry, it will be posted on Friday night/Saturday.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Plan to Finish

I know I've made a lot of empty promises on finishing this story.

Please understand this is a function of a complete lack of time here. On average I'm writing 2x-3x the amount I would write during the summer for this page each week in academic essays.

My last final is on December 15, and I will be back home on the 16th.

I promise, during my time home, to post my one chapter a week. A holiday gift, if you will. I can't make any promises once my semester restarts in Janurary, I will have to see what my schedule is, but it looks like a lot less essay writing, which should hopefully free me to write more of this.

One way or another, I will finish this, even if its a disjointed effort on vacations and breaks.

Look forward to your first entry on the 23rd (or before).

Thanks for your continued paitence and support.